Florida still ranks high among states with most mortgage complaints

In order to find the states most vulnerable to identity theft, SmartAsset looked at data on identity fraud complaints, identity theft complaints, percent of the population under the age of 10 or over 65, average number of open credit cards per resident and the percent of households with an income over $74,999.

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 · Great Recession, 10 years later: Foreclosure crisis cut deeply; the sting is still felt. An intense and rapid flurry of mortgage foreclosures drove many from their homes in SW Florida.

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Ranks insurance companies bad faith practices for denying legitimate claims and/or good faith practices in paying claims . FBIC asks all policyholders and consumers to buy insurance from good faith insurers and boycott-not buy insurance from bad faith insurers. FBIC also helps policyholders find lawyers to represent them with bad faith insurance and breach of contract denied claims.

In order to determine who is most likely to be exposed to and affected by identity theft and fraud, WalletHub compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across ten key metrics. Our data set ranges from identity-theft complaints per capita to average loss amount due to fraud.

 · Connecticut Ranks High Among States In Foreclosure Activity.. Tenant Complaints At Embattled North End Apartments.. Among State’s Most Prolific Businessmen, Bruce Bemer’s Name Now Tarnished.

Conclusion-Top 16 Banks in Florida | 2017 Ranking & Review. Whether consumers are looking for the best banks in Miami, banks in Orlando, banks in Tampa, or anywhere across the state of Florida, the above ranking represents the best of the best in terms of the state’s financial institutions.

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